How to Have a Strong Softball Pitch Finish

Learn how to put the finishing touches on a great pitch with these softball tips.

When pitching, every element of your game is important. Your grip, leg drive and arm motion all work together to help you throw your best pitches. However, it’s also important to not overlook how you end your throwing motion.

“In pitching, it’s important to have a strong finish,” former professional softball player Jessica Vogel says. “We want to make sure that all of our momentum has been transferred forward. [This ensures] that none of our energy was left behind or wasted.”


Your finish begins when your front foot lands and your back leg begins to drag forward. Here are some keys to a strong finish:

  • Hard snap: You want to make sure that you are snapping the ball hard as you are finishing the pitch.
  • Stick it: As you finish your snap, you want to “stick it.” “Sticking it” means that you are resting hard with your front leg. At this point, you should keep your muscles flexed. All of the energy that you’ve built up through the pitch transfers forward.
  • Finish upright: When a pitcher finishes their pitch, they should be in an upright, athletic position. This will help prepare you to be ready to field the ball.

A strong follow-through should do more than improve the power behind your pitches. It should also help you get into a defensive position once the ball leaves the bat.

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