Jennie Finch on How a Softball Pitcher Can Mentally Prepare for an At-Bat

Jennie Finch shares her advice to pitchers for mentally preparing for an at-bat.

The art of pitching is equal parts physical and mental. Softball legend Jennie Finch has pitched countless innings, along the way earning this tried-and-true wisdom for staying cool, calm and collected on the mound, no matter what the game throws — or hits — your way.

First, do your research in advance and pay attention to each batter. Watch and learn how the entire batting order approaches the mound, from swings to hand placement on the bat.

Work closely with your catcher. Being in tune will help take your game to the next level. Never forget to stay in the moment, believe in yourself and take it one pitch at a time.

Watch as Jennie Finch shares her inspiring advice for mentally preparing as a pitcher.