Softball Batting Tips: How to Hit a Ball Thrown Outside

Cover all corners of the plate and learn to hit the outside pitch with these softball hitting tips.

One of a pitcher’s favorite tools to try and get you out at the plate is a pitch on the outside corner. Knowing how to hit a softball thrown outside can lead to an improved batting performance. It can also help you extend your team’s offensive efforts.

Before you begin to work on your swing to cover your strike zone, it’s important to understand your line of hitting. Each pitch thrown has a distinct contact point. The more outside a pitch, the later you must swing to let the ball travel. Giving the softball time to reach that premier contact point can help you drive the ball toward opposite field.

There are a few softball hitting drills you can use to better your swing on outside pitches. A simple yet effective way to consistently look at your contact point is by using a batting tee in your softball training.


For pitches thrown outside, your optimal contact point is deeper in the hitting zone. To simulate this, start by getting into your normal batting stance. Next, set your tee on the outer edge of the plate in line with your belt buckle or belly button. Then, take a normal, balanced swing with your front foot stepping toward the pitcher. When hitting outside pitches, the goal should be to line the ball to your opposite field.

You should remember that pitchers ultimately determine where you hit the ball. Where they pitch is what will determine your contact point.  Use these softball hitting tips to go with the pitch and take any outside balls to opposite field.