Softball Catcher Tips: Communication is Key

Command the game and make your messages heard with these softball catching tips.

For a team to succeed on the diamond, its players need to communicate. Every athlete should have a voice, but catchers especially need strong communication skills.

Softball catchers serve as the main leader in team communication. This is partly because the entire game is in front of them. Their viewpoint can allow them to see alignments better and maintain order on the field. An important responsibility for all catchers is to let the defense know where the next play should go. For example, it’s the catcher’s responsibility to alert the infielders where to throw if a ground ball is hit.


Catchers need to communicate between innings, too. Catchers should converse with their pitchers to ensure their signs are in sync. For more advice on perfecting your pitch-calling skills, check out these Pro Tips.

Additionally, catchers should talk to their coaches to discuss on-field adjustments. If anything needs altered, it’s the catcher’s duty to relay the message.

Commanding the conversation and taking the lead on play calls are two necessary catching skills. Raise your voice on the softball diamond this season and speak with confidence.