Softball Catcher Tips: Giving Signs to the Pitcher

Learn the proper positioning for clear and concise pitch calling with these softball catching tips.

Signing is a big part of a catcher’s game. Pitchers rely on clear and fluid catcher signals to understand what to throw. Infielders can also read signs to better predict where a ball will be hit.

To prevent your opponent from picking up your signs, you need to get into the proper catching stance. 


To call signs from a crouched catcher’s position, begin with your heels together. Crouch down into a comfortable stance and angle your body toward the third-base side of the pitcher’s mound. This angle can help block potential runners on first base from seeing your hand signals.

Next, take your glove and rest it over your left knee to block the view from the third-base side. Your right hand should be between your legs with your wrist resting on your thigh. When giving signs, make sure your hand isn’t too low or too high. Too low and your signs could get picked up by base coaches or batters in the on-deck circle. Too high and you could easily tip your pitches to anyone within viewing range.

Remember to keep your pitching signs fluid, clear and compact. Make sure your pitcher understands each sign between innings and mix them up if necessary.