Softball Defense: Pre-Pitch Movement

Prepare to make a play by taking a few steps, getting into an athletic stance and communicating with your teammates.

The moments before a pitcher delivers toward the plate can give the rest of the players on the field time to prepare for the next play. It’s important to utilize this time with key pre-pitch movements.

Developing your pre-pitch movement can help set your team up for a big defensive play. Pro Tips tells you how.

“The pre-pitch movement approach to your fielding position gives you the ability to move to the ball quickly,” says junior national team gold medal-winning softball coach Pam Newton.

To run through your pre-pitch movement:

  • Start a few steps deeper at your position.
  • Take an opportunity to communicate how many outs there are to your teammates.
  • As the pitcher presents the ball, slowly take two to three steps in and get into your ready position.

“Remember: your pre-pitch approach should be controlled and in sync with the pitcher,” Newton says.

Once the pitch is thrown, it can be important to get a jump on the batter. Pro softball player Delaney Spaulding gives tips on how to anticipate ground balls for better performance on the diamond.