Softball Drills: The Shuffle Drop Drill

Work on body control, hand-eye coordination and change of direction with this easy and fun softball drill.

A great way to have some fun at softball practice while still working on vital skills is the Shuffle Drop Drill. This drill can help improve your body control, hand-eye coordination and change-of-direction skills.

The Shuffle Drop Drill is also easy to set up. All you need is six or more softballs and two buckets or cones. Place your markers 10 to 16 feet apart with your softballs piled in between. You’ll begin in the middle, starting from an athletic stance.

On your coach’s command, grab one softball and side shuffle to your right or left toward the marker. Place the softball in the bucket or past the cone. Next, change direction and side shuffle toward the other marker.

As you cross the middle, grab another softball from your pile and repeat the drop-off. Repeat this snag, shuffle, drop routine until all softballs are in a bucket or past the cones.

Grabbing a ball as you shuffle can help with your hand-eye coordination. Switching from bucket to bucket can also help develop change-of-direction skills and body control.

To add another layer of fun to this softball drill, consider timing yourself. Have a coach or teammate monitor how long it takes you to clear the softballs from the middle. Then, you can work to improve your time and best yourself. Track your teammates, too, and compete for the fastest shuffle drop on the roster.

The Shuffle Drop Drill can work a number of skills while keeping practice light and fun. Be sure to add it to your next softball practice for a fresh take on athletic improvement.