Softball Hitting: Slapping Footwork

Slapping can be an effective way to get on base or advance runners, but first, you need good footwork.

When you step into the batter’s box with the game on the line, slapping can help put your team in position to score the winning run. But you will need to work on several skills to have an effective slap.

Knowing the basics of slaps and having the proper bat angle are important. But so is footwork.

“Proper footwork is a key component to [be] a successful slapper,” former college softball player Jordan Mowatt says.

Slapping is performed on the left side of the plate. To have the right footwork when slapping:

  • Your back foot should cross over your lead foot, which creates momentum through your swing.
  • Keep the inside of your back foot, hips and shoulders aligned and moving toward the pitcher. Staying aligned can help you hit all the pitch locations.


Run through this drill in practice to help improve your footwork:

  • Place three cones in line with both corners of the batter’s box. This creates a lane toward the pitcher.
  • Try to slap while moving through the cones while maintaining balance and not touching the cones.

“It is crucial to understand the importance of staying in the same direction toward the pitcher,” Mowatt says. “Because that allows you as a slapper to hit all pitch locations.”

Proper footwork can help lead you to becoming a successful slap hitter.

There are several styles of hits you can use during a softball game. The slap is an effective one. So is the bunt. Check out our tips on how to use the sacrifice and drag bunts.