Softball Infielder Tips: How to Position Yourself to Receive the Ball

Remember these three steps to proper fielding mechanics for receiving ground balls.

Softball infielders must have proper fielding mechanics for success in the dirt. Your fielding position needs to be consistent to routinely make plays. Your setup doesn’t have to be complex, however. There are three components to a solid fielding position for receiving ground balls.

First, get into a low, athletic stance. Stay active and ready to move but be sure to remain in a low base. Having a low, athletic base lends itself to your second key position component – your hands.

Your next key step to a proper fielding position is to have your hands out in front. Keeping your hands out in front of you can help you secure the ground ball.

The final part to ground ball positioning is to track the ball all the way into your glove. Tracking the ball in fully can help with ball security as you concentrate on your transition.

Building muscle memory with these three components can help you consistently field ground balls. Practice these softball tips for success in the field this season.

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