Softball Infielder Tips: How to Throw a Slow Roller to First Base

Find out how to snap a quick and efficient toss to first with these infield tips.

A slow-rolling ground ball can be a difficult play for infielders. You need to be able to attack the ball with quickness and efficiency and still deliver an accurate throw for the out. To give yourself a better chance of hitting your target, look to throw with a lower arm slot.

For throwing a slow roller, your release point should be below side arm. This isn’t a natural spot to throw from, but it can be necessary to make the play. Also, given the different arm slot and release point, your softball will tail and sink through the air. To make sure your throw’s flight hits your target, it’s pivotal you practice this throwing style.

You can easily get accustomed to this throwing style by training twice per week. Grab one of your fellow infielders and look to throw from this position after you’ve loosened up. Confidence in understanding how to throw a softball can lead to bigger plays and more success on the diamond. Use these softball tips to secure your throws and capture more outs this upcoming season.