Softball Outfielder Tips: How to Throw from the Outfield

Learn the key components to a top-notch toss with these outfield Pro Tips.

Outfielders need to deliver strong, accurate throws on command. To do this, you need to have the proper outfield throwing mechanics. There are multiple layers to your throwing motion, each holding importance.

The first item of focus should be how you build momentum. When tracking a pop fly or charging a ground ball, look to build momentum through your entire body. Transition this built-up power into your throw for a strong, quick toss in. Additionally, look to throw the softball with a four-seam grip for added control.

The final component to softball throwing mechanics for outfield play is to keep the ball low. Having a softball stay low in its flight can allow your cutoff to make any necessary relays. Throwing a high relay can limit your cutoff’s impact and potentially lead to misplaced tosses.

Additionally, outfielders should always know the game scenario. They can then channel this knowledge into their throwing. Knowing the score, as well as how many outs there are, can help you direct your throws to the right base. You should also know the skill level of the baserunners. If they’re faster athletes, you might need to place a quicker throw in.

Mastering the outfield throw can help keep runs off the scoreboard and push your team toward victory. Follow these tips for season-long success.