Softball Pitcher Drills: The Hurdle Drill

Find out how this cardio crossover can help you explode off the rubber this season in this Pro Tips breakdown.

A key point to any practice is cardiovascular training. While softball pitchers aren’t as mobile as other positions, they still need to train to perform at their best.

To get your cardio training in while also crafting your pitching motion, give the hurdle drill a try. This multipurpose softball drill can help you complete your assigned cardio while also focusing on key parts of your windup. Former professional softball player Jessica Vogel has the tips you need to complete this double play of a pitching exercise.


To set up the hurdle drill, you’ll need two speed hurdles, typically six inches in height. Working backward from the mound, place one hurdle after the next with roughly two feet in between.

Begin this softball pitching drill at the start of the first hurdle. Balance yourself on your drag leg with your landing leg raised. “Bouncing off your push-off leg, hop over the hurdles while maintaining your balance,” Vogel says.

When landing after each bounce, be sure to absorb your energy by bending your knee upon impact. Load up and build this stored energy to use in this fastpitch pitching drill’s finale.

“After you clear the last hurdle, explode forward and finish the pitch,” Vogel says. Make sure you have a strong softball pitch finish with this Pro Tips guide.

Repeat the hurdle drill for your set amount of repetitions to achieve a worthwhile cardio and strength workout. This exercise can also be a great way to practice your balance, according to Vogel.

Add the hurdle drill to your next softball practice and bounce through your workouts with ease.

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