Softball Pitcher Drills: The Rocker Drill

Find your balance and explode through each windup with these pitching Pro Tips.

For softball pitchers, your stride length is critical to delivering a solid strike. A strong stride can help increase velocity off the rubber and keep you dominant in the circle.

The rocker drill is a great pitching exercise to help develop explosiveness and sync your stride to your pitching motion. This fastpitch pitching drill can help you find the right balance in your legs.

Throughout the drill, you will aim to efficiently transfer your weight from drag leg to landing leg. Former professional softball player Jessica Vogel has some tips and tricks to help you erupt off the rubber with this softball pitching exercise.


To begin the rocker drill, start with your drag leg on the mound. Next, lift your landing leg and find your balance.

“Once you are balanced, you will rock your land leg forward, level with your hip,” Vogel says. To rock, simply raise your landing leg knee up to hip level.

Next, carry your “rock” from front to back by rocking your landing leg behind your body. Try to imagine as if you’re kickstarting a motorcycle.

“You want to focus on getting lower into your leg with each rock, feeling all of your weight transfer into your drag leg as you get ready to explode forward,” Vogel says.

After rocking backward twice, use your built-up energy to drive forward on your power line. Mark your landing spot and repeat the drill. A good way to challenge yourself is to try and best your landing spot with each successful stride.

The rocker drill can be a great exercise for softball pitchers. It can help teach players how to gather their strength, engage their core and burst forward on their power line. Add the rocker drill to your next training session and launch your pitching motion into newfound success.

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