Softball Tips: Aleshia Ocasio on Maintaining Composure

Staying calm and confident in big-game moments is crucial to success. Learn how Aleshia Ocasio maintains her composure.

Every athlete has dreams of leading their team to victory. Those scenarios when the game is on the line and glory or defeat is merely one play away. But one thing that is often missing from this fantasy is how nerve-wracking those situations can be.

Staying relaxed in these circumstances isn’t always easy, but it is something you can prepare for. In fact, according to professional and international softball player Aleshia Ocasio, those high-pressure scenarios are decided before game day arrives.

“Those big moments are won in the bullpen, in the batting cage and on the practice field,” she says.

Ocasio shares her tips on how she prepares for high-stress situations.


For Ocasio, the key to maintaining your composure starts with how you train. She says younger players can be better equipped to succeed by training the mental side of their game.

“Young players tend to focus on the physical aspect of the game as opposed to the mental aspect,” Ocasio says. “I train my mind to be stronger than my body.”

Ocasio builds up the mental side of her game by continuously challenging herself. She does this through strength and conditioning as well as her cardio routines. Mastering these personal challenges gives her the confidence that she can perform her best on the field.

“Knowing that I trained hard keeps me calm and confident in those big-pressure situations,” she says.

Another important element to training is getting in enough reps. This is especially true for players who serve multiple roles. Learn how Ocasio manages her reps with these Pro Tips.