How to Stay Focused When Throwing a Softball

Think you can repeatedly hit your target with spot-on throws? These softball throwing drills can help improve your focus.

Throwing a softball requires plenty of focus. But as throwing sessions progress, you can sometimes lose your concentration. Mistakes can happen when you’re not thinking through your catch game. This can potentially lead to errors and mishaps on game day. So, it’s pivotal you work on your throwing focus with softball drills and attention to detail.

There are a few ways you can improve your concentration when throwing a softball. One easy and fun way is to add a sense of competition to your next game of catch. 


Adding some competition to your throwing sessions can be a great way to help you concentrate. To turn your game of catch into a friendly challenge, simply award points for on-target throws. For example:

  • Two points: A ball caught in the center of the chest.
  • One point: A ball caught around the neckline.
  • Zero points: Any ball thrown off target, i.e. your throwing partner must reach away from their chest.

The more consistent you are with your throws, the more points you earn. The object of this drill is to stay concentrated on your throwing to score more points than your partner. Once one of you reaches the pre-determined point total, the drill is complete. Feel free to run through as many games as you like. Just remember to maintain concentration to build your focus and score more points.

If you don’t have a throwing partner, you can still take part in this drill. Use a net with a marked target in place of a teammate. Award yourself points based on your accuracy on target.

PRO TIP: Don’t just throw for the sake of throwing. Mix in a ground ball, pop-up or other in-game situations to prepare for different scenarios.

Help improve your focus with an entertaining round of catch. Use these tips to help your game this softball season.