How to Throw a Softball in Your Desired Direction

Learn how to align your body and stance for consistent, accurate throws.

An accurate throw can keep you efficient and productive on the softball diamond. Working on your throwing accuracy doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Use these quick softball tips in your next game of catch to help strengthen your skills.


To begin this helpful and simple softball throwing drill, face your throwing partner with your chest toward theirs. Get into an athletic stance and, without moving your feet, deliver a toss to your teammate. To throw from this position:

  • Rotate your core.
  • Line your shoulders with your target.
  • Progress through your normal arm rotation.
  • Rotate your core back to center.

Throwing without moving your feet can be a good drill to use when you want to sure up your upper-body accuracy.


Continue your throwing practice by aiming your hips and shoulders at your partner. Think of yourself as a baseball pitcher throwing from the stretch. From here, rock back onto your back leg and side as you load. Next, shift your weight forward, release and naturally follow through with a step.


Lastly, be sure to pay attention to creating momentum when throwing. Staying athletic and linear with your balance can help you follow through your toss. This is pivotal, as you don’t want to be falling to either side when throwing. To practice a proper follow-through:

  • Aim your hips and shoulders at your intended target.
  • Rock back to begin your throwing motion.
  • After your release, naturally follow through with a few steps. These steps should be fluid, as your body should want to go in this direction.

A solid follow-through can help keep you in line with your target.

If your body is in the right direction before throwing, it can lead to more consistent tosses. Follow these quick softball throwing drills to help map out a secure throwing motion.