Aquatic Fitness: Acceleration Wall Drills

This underwater routine will help improve your speed and reach your endurance goals.

If you’re focusing on improving your speed and endurance, try this shallow-water exercise. It can help you get more out of every workout, whether your goal is to get into better shape, run that extra mile or perform harder on the field.


Hold onto the pool wall at the edge and push into it. Your arms should be about shoulder width apart. Run in a continuous motion, keeping your strides long and strong while pushing forward. Perform this drill for six to 30 seconds or more, adjusting the duration for your specific training goals.


  • Keep your technique and form consistent
  • Make sure you wear water shoes to protect your feet


Water resistance may help build strength and power and running underwater offers extra support for your joints and muscles. There’s less impact with every step, which helps reduce regular wear and tear.

If a swimming pool isn’t part of your routine already, try adding it to your regimen. You can even turn your next pool party into progress.