Sea Kayaking 101: What to Bring

A properly-packed kayak can help take your open water experience to the next level.

Being ill-equipped at sea could really put a damper on your experience. Before you trek out to sea in your kayak, you want to make sure that you have the necessary gear for your adventure.

Pacific Northwest Adventure Guide Kieron Weidner says that a good portion of your gear should fit comfortably in one bag. “I personally like to bring a dry bag with me every time I go, and in packing your dry bag you want to consider what you’re going to need out on the water,” says Weidner.

Weidner notes that he typically packs extra layers of clothing, sunscreen and a cellphone in his dry bag. Regardless of what you bring, be sure to pack the items you’ll use the most on the top for easy access. This way, if you need to grab them during your float, you save time and eliminate having to dig through your bag of gear.

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To better secure your dry bag, Weidner recommends to “Gently press the air out of [your dry bag] and roll it at least three times to make sure it’s watertight. Clip it, fasten it to the outside of your kayak or store it inside your kayak in the dry storage bin.”

Having your gear well-packed and at-the-ready can help ensure a more efficient day on the water. Be prepared, have fun and get your paddle on with these sea kayaking Pro Tips.