Sea Kayaking 101: What to Know Before You Go

Leave no doubt before hitting the water. Follow these planning tips to help make your sea kayaking trip an enjoyable success.

Sea kayaking can be a wonderful adventure. You’re surrounded by beautiful scenery that the great outdoors has to offer and taking in the open air. But in order to fully revel in the experience, you should plan ahead.

Pacific Northwest Adventure Guide Kieron Weidner recommends that your navigational planning should start with a goon updated map of the area. “Bring a GPS along, check the local weather forecast and know the tides,” says Weidner. Navigation and condition prepping should be a major point of concern for sea kayakers, because it allows you to confidently plan your route in open water and allows for more efficient gear packing.

When it comes to prepping and packing your gear for a day at sea, start by making sure you have weather-appropriate apparel. Weidner also recommends packing sunscreen and says “You’re more likely to get burned on the water than you are on land.”

For more tips on apparel, check out What to Wear While Sea Kayaking. 

“I also like to bring a cellphone, fully charged, in case I need to take photos or in case of an emergency,” says Weidner. Plenty of water is also a must. You can also bring items to store in your dry bag like a portable charger and sunglasses. Always be sure to wear a life jacket as well. Before heading out on your next sea kayaking excursion, discover other items to bring and how to pack your dry bag.

Proper planning can really help take your sea kayaking adventure to the next level. Now you can launch into the water with a clear mind and confidence in your gear.