Stocking Stuffers for Kayakers

Give the gift of a good day on the water with these kayaking accessories.

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no shortage of cheer to spread. You’re in a race against the clock and loving it, but you need those last few gift ideas to round up your shopping.

Luckily, this Pro Tips stocking stuffer guide is here to help you navigate the waters of shopping for the kayaker in your life this holiday season.


Kayaking apparel can make for quite the holiday “hull.” For instance, SPF shirts, hats, sunglasses and bandanas are all great to help protect from sunlight. Quick drying shorts, swimsuits, cover-ups and water shoes are all designed for on-the-water fun.

And when the weather turns sour, a packable rain jacket can make all the difference.

To fit these items in a stocking, fold them neatly or roll them up and nestle them in next to the candy canes.


Absolutely vital for any kayaker is a comprehensive safety kit. There are certain things that your kayaker shouldn’t go without, like a bilge pump for clearing water out of their boat, a first-aid kit, and a whistle or air horn in case of emergencies.

Additional boat safety tools you can gift include items like a pocket knife or multi-tool, a floating flashlight or glow stick or flares.


Give the gift of waterproofing this holiday season with dry bags. Dry bags are essential when out on the water and can carry a variety of accessories. They are designed to keep gear safe from moisture exposure, water and other elements.

There are even dry bags specifically for electronics and other valuables. A floatable, waterproof case can seal in a cellphone, allowing a kayaker to keep his or her device accessible without worrying about water damage. Similar in function, a dry camera case is designed to keep your camera safe and close as you travel. This gift can perform double duty: one more present for your kayaker that also protects other gifts.

A few small items can make a big difference on a kayaking adventure. A sunglasses cord, for instance, helps keep your sunglasses from falling off and getting lost in the water. To help improve hand comfort, a good set of paddle grips can go a long way. Waterproof earbuds or Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to music, take calls and more.

For riders looking for additional coverage in their kayak, finding a spray skirt near the skirt of your decorated tree can cause — and prevent — a real splash. Spray skirts keep water from entering the cockpit of a kayak by blocking the opening and hugging close to your body, helping you stay dry and warm.

Looking for something super practical to benefit your paddler? Boat cleaner spray can help with boat and gear maintenance, while tie-down straps and hooks can help keep their vessel secure while traveling and at shore.

If your kayaker needs more space to keep their stocking gear, pick up an eye kit or a deck kit to add attachment points to the hull, and a few carabiners with which to attach items.

With the gift of these stocking stuffers, your paddler can easily transition from a white Christmas to blue water.

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