Beginner Snowboarding Tricks: How to do a 50/50 on a Box Jump

Learn how to properly execute a 50/50 on a box jump, which is the fundamental move to build your freestyle trick collection.

These tricks should be done by trained skiers under supervision.

The main goal of freestyle snowboarding is to perform a trick using natural or man-made objects such as jumps, rails and boxes. This is what snowboarding vets call “jibbing.” If you’re new to the snowboarding circuit, but are confident that you know the fundamentals well enough, you can take your game to the next level by hitting a basic jib known as a box jump.

A box jump is one of the best ways to progress your freestyle riding. It requires a snowboarder to perform a trick along a narrow, flat surface called a box. The simplest trick you can do on a box is a “50-50”, which is simply riding the platform from one end to the other.

The best way to go about performing a 50-50 box jump is to come at the box head on. When you are about a foot or two away from the box, jump up, stick the landing and ride it nice and straight. When riding, make sure you bend your knees so you can get a good level of balance on the front, back and sides of your board. This will help you stay planted.

Make sure to look past the end of the box and not down at your feet. This will help you better visualize the landing so you can finish on your board and not in the snow.

In short, you want to remember three things when hitting a box jump:

  • Come at the box head on so you can land nice and straight.
  • Bend your knees to keep the board balanced from all sides when riding.
  • Look past the end of the box so you can nail a clean landing.

Once you’ve mastered the box jump, try your luck at hitting a hip jump.