How to Tune Your Snowboard

Heading to the mountain? These simple steps can help you properly tune your snowboard.

You’ve suited up, arrived at the lodge and you’re off the lift — ready for your first run down the mountain. You’ve got crisp air, blue skies and miles of white powder before you. The only thing that could hamper this moment? A snowboard that doesn’t bite.

Properly tuned snowboards move faster and maneuver better on the slopes. And tuning your board is surprisingly simple — follow these steps to learn how to wax, bevel and clean your snowboard yourself.

First, Clean Your Board

You should clean your board after every few rides with rags and a snowboard base cleaner.

  1. Use a dry rag to sweep away dirt and dust from your board.
  2. Apply base cleaner to the entire base of the board, wiping in long, straight strokes. You can apply the cleaner to the rag or directly to your board. Let it set for at least 15 minutes.
  3. After the cleaner has evaporated, wipe your board clean with a new, dry rag.

Then, Sharpen The Edges

Beveling the edges of your snowboard enhances grip, helping the board bite into powder for better control as you maneuver the ride.

  1. Check out the edges of your board for nicks and wear marks.
  2. Using a pocket edger, begin filling in the edge of your board’s base. In short strokes, sharpen one portion at a time.
  3. When complete, the edges of your board should be clean, smooth and even.

Finish By Applying Rub-On Wax

Simply put, wax helps your snowboard ride better and faster over snow.

  1. Simply apply a snowboard wax universally to the base of your snowboard. Spread it generously and across the surface.
  2. Let the wax dry for a few minutes.
  3. Buff the base to a high sheen using a bristled brush.