Snowboarding Tricks: How to do a Method Grab on a Hip Jump

Learn how to execute a method trick on a hip jump next time you are freestyling on the slopes.

These tricks should be done by trained skiers under supervision.

If you’ve been snowboarding long enough and have mastered the sport’s fundamentals, it could be the time take your game up a notch and try your luck at a hip jump. A hip jump, also known as a “feature”, is a ramp made from compacted snow that can be used for doing in-air tricks. Hip jumps are great for snowboarders because they can determine how little or how much air they get depending on how they approach the ramp.

When you’re confident enough to hit your first hip jump, try to attempt a “method” – a simple, yet fun snowboard grab – after leaving the ramp.

When you’re approaching a hip jump to perform this maneuver, you want to keep your knees bent and your weight centered over your toes so you don’t lose any balance going up the ramp. Also, make sure you have a solid line of sight so you hit the ramp right in the middle. If you hit anywhere close to the edges, you could be in danger of losing balance and eating some snow. After leaving the ramp, look above the takeoff to extend your trajectory so you get as much air as you need to perform your trick, which in this case, is about two or three seconds of hang time for a method.

As you go up, twist your legs in front of you, bringing your board 90 degrees or parallel with the ground. Grab your board with one hand so you can pull it to make the twist come easier.

Now, let go of your board and look for your landing. You’ll want to come down like you would after hitting any other jump by keeping your knees bent and your weight centered on the board. Since you’re coming down at a high speed, make sure there’s enough room in front of you to stop.