Winter Safety Essentials: Emergency Items for Your Car

When a cold-weather emergency strikes, you want to make sure you’re prepared — especially if you get stuck while in your vehicle. Be ready with these winter emergency essentials.

You and your family head out this winter for a quick trip. Shopping in another town? Heading to visit relatives for the day? You assume you’ll get there and back with little trouble. But then an unexpected snowstorm hits. The roads aren’t drivable. You’re stuck. Which is why we want you to be prepared for anything.

Being prepared for the worst is always the best. Below is a checklist of the items you may need in a winter emergency. You want to be able to stay warm, even without running the heat. Remember, you and your family probably won’t be wearing the appropriate clothing for being outside, or even in a car without heat. So make sure to have an emergency bivvy, which is made to reflect and retain body heat. Also, have extra blankets or sleeping bags, socks, mittens and hats. Mittens are a better option than gloves; because your fingers are in constant contact with each other, they keep your hands warmer. Hand and foot warmers are also recommended for added heat.

Should you get stuck in snow, you want to be able to get yourself out. Sand or kitty litter can give you traction. A shovel, ice scraper, flashlight and extra batteries along with tow chains and emergency flares can become invaluable. An emergency jump starter can give your car a charge without the assistance of another vehicle. We recommend keeping these items organized in a duffle bag or storage container for easy access.

With this emergency kit, you should be ready for whatever winter’s worst may bring.

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emergency items for your car