Wrestling Escapes: Granby Roll

This bottom technique can help get you back to your feet and score points.

Wrestling from the bottom position can be a stressful experience. Your opponent is on top of you and controlling the match. You’ll need the right moves to break free and get back to your feet.

The Granby roll is one of those moves. It can help get you out of positions where you’re stuck on your hands and knees while also adding points to your score.

“A Granby roll is a more advanced technique from bottom position that can be used to escape from your opponent or score a reversal,” Division I assistant coach and former collegiate wrestler David Terao says.


The steps to the Granby roll include:

  • Clear your arms, legs and hips from your opponent.
  • Execute a quick roll on the top of your shoulders to help create separation.
  • Once you achieve separation, face your opponent or control the wrist and move to top position.

It’s important to work on this move in practice. This technique exposes your back on the roll – a situation your opponent can take advantage of.

“It is critical to have a secondary method of escape in addition to your stand up,” Terao says. “The Granby roll can increase your scoring potential from bottom position.”

When working on your reversals from the bottom position, you’ll also want to focus on your stand up. This is an essential technique that can help you escape and get to your feet.

Wrestling is a contact sport. When you tie up with your opponent, you want to be in a dominant position. That’s why working on controlled ties is vital.