Wrestling Offense: Chop and Bump Breakdown

You can use this technique to help break the bottom wrestler down to the mat, giving you even more control.

Breakdowns are an essential part of every wrestler’s skill set.

By removing your opponent’s hand or knee support, you can take them flat to the mat on either their side or stomach. One of the most common ways to do this is by using the chop and bump breakdown.

“The chop and bump breakdown is an effective way to break the bottom [wrestler] down flat to the mat,” Division I coach and former collegiate wrestler Kyle Borshoff says. “Once [they] are flat to the mat, you can begin to work for a turn.”


You’ll use the chop and bump breakdown when you’re the top wrestler. To perform the move:

  • Apply a tight waist by squeezing across the stomach of the opponent.
  • Chop the elbow and knee from the same side of the body to bump your opponent’s knee. You’ll attempt to drive your opponent at the same time.

By removing your opponent’s support, you can put yourself in position to control the match or even set up for a pin.

“Breakdowns are an essential part of being a successful mat wrestler,” Borshoff says. “The chop and bump breakdown is among the most efficient.”

To avoid having a breakdown used on you, it’s important to have the right bottom techniques to escape or score a reversal. You can use the stand up to get to your feet and into a neutral position. The switch, meanwhile, can help you get up or score a reversal. The Granby roll can help you do both.