Wrestling Offense: Fake to Snap

This move can help you get your opponent onto the mat to create a scoring opportunity.

Controlling contact during a wrestling match is vital for success. It can help you score points or even put your opponent in position for a pin.

The fake to snap is a technique executed from the collar tie position. It can leave your opponent vulnerable on the mat while you’re on your feet.

“A fake shot with a snap is a great way to get your opponent down to the mat, and that gives you a big advantage,” Division I coach and former collegiate wrestler Kyle Borshoff says.


There are several components of faking a shot from the collar tie position:

  • Your collar tie hand will fake a shot toward your opponent’s leg. When you do this, your opponent should react by pulling their leg back.
  • Put your fake shot hand back on your opponent’s collar and pull your opponent’s head down to the mat.
  • As you pull them to the mat, make sure to move your feet back.

Remember: You’ll want to be in good position when you tie up with your opponent. Make sure to work on your wrist control contact and collar tie contact.

By working on your fake to snap, you’ll have a move in your arsenal that can help you take control of the match.

“Being able to put your opponent down to the mat while you’re still on your feet gives you a great opportunity to score,” Borshoff says.

Having a strong offense is important to score a win on the mat. But you also need to have a solid defense. The Granby roll is a move you can use to escape your opponent or even score a reversal.