Wrestling Shoot Drill: Leap Frog

Practicing this drill can help boost both your shooting and pivoting skills.

During wrestling practice, you want to hone your technique. But you also want to work on your conditioning.

The leap frog drill can help you do both at the same time. It’s a conditioning drill that keeps a wrestler in constant motion. The drill can also help you improve on essential skills and getting into a low stance.

“The leap frog drill is a great way to practice your shooting and pivoting skills,” Division I coach and former collegiate wrestler Kyle Borshoff says.

Looking for a drill to improve your movement on the mat? The stance and motion drill can help boost your stance, sprawl, penetration step and re-attack skills.


This leap frog drill requires a partner. To effectively execute the drill:

  • One partner should stand tall and spread their feet shoulder-distance apart.
  • The other wrestler will take a shot through their partner’s legs, pivot and then jump over their back.
  • Repeat this movement as many times as necessary.

Improving your shooting drills can be important for offensive success on the mat. A strong shot can enhance both your single leg takedown and double leg takedown.

“The leap frog drill can be a fun and exhausting way to practice your shooting,” Borshoff says.

It’s important to have the right moves in your arsenal to get back into a controlling position. The switch is a move used from the bottom position that focuses on a reversal instead of getting back to your feet.