Wrestling Techniques: Controlling Tie-Ups

There are three types of ties you can use to get into a dominant position on the wrestling mat.

One of the keys to success on the wrestling mat is controlling your opponent.

Controlled ties can help you establish a power position over your opponent or set up an opportunity to score points. There are three types of controlled ties you can use during a match: inside tie, outside tie and collar tie.

“When you’re in contact with your opponent, you want to be in a dominant position by controlling the tie-up,” former national team assistant coach Erin Vandiver says.


There are three types of tie-ups you can use to get into a dominant position:

  • Inside tie: This is when you gain control of your opponent on the inside of their arm.
  • Outside tie: This occurs when you gain control of the outside of your opponent’s arm.
  • Collar tie: This happens when you have one hand on the back of your opponent’s neck to control their head.

“Tie-ups help to control your opponent’s motion and are also very useful to set up your own attack,” Vandiver says.

Working on your skills when you tie up with an opponent is vital for your success on the mat. You’ll want to work on both wrist control contact and collar tie contact to take control of your opponent.

When you’re stuck in the bottom position, you’ll want to have the right moves to get to your feet or score a reversal. The stand up is a technique that wrestlers should work on from an early age.