Wrestling Techniques: Wrist Control Contact

By controlling your opponent’s wrist, you can take control of the match and score points.

Wrestling is a physical sport. It’s the contact between wrestlers that draws many athletes to the mat.

One of the most physical aspects is when you tie up with your opponent. The goal of a tie-up is to control a part of your opponent’s body. This can allow you to move them into a position that helps you score points.

By controlling the wrist, you can gain leverage and move your opponent out of position.

“Wrestling is a contact sport,” Division I coach and former collegiate wrestler Kyle Borshoff says. “When you begin to make contact with your opponent, you want to make sure that you’re in good position. Wrist control contact is a great way to do that.”


There are several components of strong wrist control contact. Remember to:

  • Attack your opponent’s wrist on the lead-leg side with two hands.
  • Climb their elbow with your hands.
  • Move your forehead to their collar.

Your thumb can be inside or outside the wrist when making contact.

“You will use wrist contact to take control of your opponent and to move them out of position,” Borshoff says.

It’s important to work on your tie-ups in practice. Besides wrist contact, you can also use collar tie contact to take control of the match. Controlled ties can help establish a dominant position. They include both inside and outside ties.

By working on your offensive skills in practice, you can be ready to properly execute them in your next match. The fake to snap allows you to get your opponent onto the mat while you remain standing.