Nine Totally Delicious Infuser Water Bottle Recipes

Say goodbye to boring water forever with these flavorful recipes for your infuser water bottle.

You’re a body of water. No, really. Your body is made up of at least 60 percent water. So, to stay your sharpest, both physically and mentally, it’s important to maintain a balanced supply of H2O.

Your recommended daily amount depends on factors like the weather, exertion levels and your diet, but the general guideline is to drink half of your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, aim to consume around 75 ounces of water each day.

If the thought of downing that much plain water makes you feel, well, not thirsty, we’ve got an appetizing solution: an infuser water bottle. It’s simple to use and sets the stage for a well-hydrated (not to mention tasty) day.

When choosing an infuser, look for a bottle with a built-in filter. It’s the easiest to drink from — infusions stay put below the filter, which helps maintain an even flow of liquid. Also, select a bottle with a wide mouth so that it’s simple to add and clean out ingredients.

First, A Few Tips For Preparing Your Infusion

  • Chop fruits and veggies into bite-size chunks. If using herbs, gently tear the leaves to release the essential oils.
  • Add your ingredients of choice to the bottle, then add cold or room-temperature purified water.
  • Allow the flavor to concentrate for at least two hours in the refrigerator. If you have time, chill the mixture overnight for the most intense flavor.
  • Because you’re using fresh ingredients, it’s important to keep any unused portions cold.
  • Infusing with citrus? Remove the rind and pith to avoid any bitterness.
  • Whenever possible, choose fresh, organic produce. Frozen fruit will work in a pinch.
  • For a more intense hit of flavor, try muddling berries and fresh herbs before adding water.
  • Change it up by combining equal parts purified water and sparkling water.

Ready To Get Creative? Try These 9 Tasty Combos, Perfect For Your Infuser Water Bottle

1. Lemon & Ginger
Try swapping in lemongrass for a fresh, green flavor.

Lemon & Ginger

2. Grapefruit Basil
Incredibly refreshing and tangy — with minimal calories.


3. Strawberry Jalapeno
Discard the seeds for less a fiery result. (We recommend wearing rubber gloves when handling jalapenos!)

Jalepino and strawberry

4. Pineapple Mint
Think of it as a mid-day mocktail.

Pineapple and mint

5. Blueberry Lime Cilantro
Don’t like cilantro? Basil works beautifully, too.


6. Watermelon Cucumber
The juiciest, most summery combination we can think of.

Watermelon and cucumber

7. Raspberry Lemon
Like pink lemonade, without the added sugar.


8. Blackberry & Sage
Sweet and savory combos are key to keeping your hydration goals on track.


9. Apple Cinnamon
Firm, tart apples, like Granny Smith or Pink Lady, hold up best. A whole cinnamon stick is a must.


You’re now ready to infuse like a pro — all you’ll need is your own infuser water bottle to get started. Now, go forth and hydrate!