How to Do Dancer’s Pose

Learn how to master this balancing yoga posture with this guide.

Dancer’s Pose, or Natarajasana, is designed to open your upper body and your hips. With practice, this pose can help create balance and strength in your legs.

This pose, also called Lord of the Dance Pose, can be challenging, but this guide will walk you through it step by step.


Teaches balance and focus. Stretches the upper body.


  • Start by standing at the front edge of your mat
  • Bend your right knee and lift your heel toward your tailbone
  • Reach back for your foot with your right hand, and hold it from the inside, with your thumb in line with your big toe
  • The toes of your left foot should remain pointing directly forward
  • Press your foot vigorously into your hand and lift it up and away from your body. Your toes should point to the sky
  • Stretch your chest forward. Reach your left hand forward and set your gaze at your fingertips
  • Draw your left hip back as you stretch your right hip and chest forward
  • Release back to standing
  • Switch sides


Avoid leaning too far forward. Instead, lift your chest up and away from the ground, like a bow and arrow.

Take your time and move into Dancer’s Pose gradually. Start with five to 10 breaths per side and increase as your balance improves.

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