How to Do Happy Baby Pose

Take time to stretch and rest in this restorative yoga pose.

Happy Baby Pose, or Ananda Balasana, is a wonderful stretch that you can incorporate into your yoga practice. If you’ve ever seen a baby in a crib reach happily for his or her toes and laugh, then you know exactly how this pose is supposed to appear — gentle, soothing and fun.

Typically, you’ll practice this pose near the end of class. It’s a great preparatory pose for Half Pigeon as well as for Crow pose.


Can better promote relaxation and helps stretch the hips and groin.


  • Lie flat on your back
  • Bend your knees to 90-degree angles, with the soles of your feet facing up
  • Reach for your feet. Find a comfortable grip. You can hold your big toes, the insides or the outside of your feet
  • Gently pull your knees toward the mat
  • Gently rock side to side and settle in, resting your head on the floor
  • Give your knees a squeeze, then relax onto your back


Avoid lifting your tailbone away from the mat. Instead, look to press the back of your body into the floor, from head to tailbone.

After practicing Happy Baby for a few deep breaths, move into a gentle inversion, like Shoulder Stand. Finish with a few minutes in Savasana, or Corpse pose.