How to Do Tree Pose

Learn how to find balance in this grounding yoga pose.

Tree pose, or Vriksasana, is a posture that can help teach the essence of balance in yoga. As you stand firmly and press your foot into the floor, you’ll reach up energetically with your arms toward the sky. Imagine as though you’re creating the roots and branches of a tree.

In one simple pose, you can simultaneously enjoy an opening stretch and the chance to build strength.

Try this calming posture for five to 10 breaths per side.


Helps teach balance and offers an opportunity to feel grounded.


  • Start at the front of your mat in Mountain Pose
  • Lift and hover your right leg, open your knee to the side and rest the sole of your right foot to the inside of your left leg. You can place your foot in three different positions, depending on your ability:
    • Planted next to the sole of your standing foot
    • Placed on your inner calf
    • Placed on your inner thigh
  • Bring your hands together at the center of your chest
  • Press your left foot down, then stretch your arms up to the sky
  • Release and switch sides


Avoid placing your foot on or near your knee. This can destabilize the pose and place unnecessary pressure on the knee joint.

Anytime you need a moment of calmness, whether in your yoga practice or daily routine, try holding Tree pose for a few breaths.

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