How to Do Warrior 2 Pose

Learn to create strength and focus with this foundational yoga pose.

Is there a more victorious yoga pose? Warrior 2, or Virabahdrasana 2, teaches yogis how to stay and breathe through a challenge, while enjoying a deep stretch in the hips.

It’s also the foundation for a variety of poses that follow in the series, including Extended Side Angle and Triangle Pose. Master Warrior 2 and set up for success throughout the practice.


Helps build strength in the legs and arms. Stretches the hips. Teaches focus.


  • Start at the front of your mat in Mountain Pose, with toes pointing forward, your belly firm and your spine long
  • Step your left foot toward the back edge of your mat
  • Keep your right toes facing forward
  • Align the outside edge of your left foot parallel to the back edge of your mat. (If you brought your heel and insole together, they would make the shape of a “T”)
  • Bend your right knee and stack it over your ankle
  • Gently press your right knee open toward your pinky toe. Keep the toes of your right foot light, but root the ball and heel of your foot into the mat
  • Seal the border of your back foot to the floor, activating the muscles in your left leg
  • Reach your arms long and spread your fingers wide. Set your gaze, or your drishti, to the middle finger of your right hand
  • Lift your chest to the sky as you relax your shoulders
  • Release to Downward Facing Dog and repeat on the left side


Avoid setting up with your feet too close together. When this happens, you won’t enjoy the full stretch and strengthening benefits of the pose. Take up space on your mat! There should be about three feet between your front heel and back instep.

Try holding the pose for five to 10 deep breaths. As you master Warrior 2, you should be able to hold longer and practice breathing deeply. Then, move on to the next pose in the series, Extended Side Angle.