Morning Yoga Flow with Nike Trainer Natalie Asatryan

Whether starting your day or beginning your yoga journey, a morning flow can fill you with joy and energy.

Yoga is a journey. Nobody is born knowing how to land the perfect headstand. If you’re curious about the practice, but need a little motivation, remember, every yoga teacher was once a beginner, too.

This morning flow is made for beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners alike. Taking the time to stretch, breathe and move for a few minutes can start your day on a positive note. It can also help to get your blood flowing, learn about yourself and focus on how you are feeling.

Follow along with Nike yoga trainer Natalie Asatryan and give this sequence a try at your own pace. Asatryan, 16 years old, has been featured in Yoga Journal as one of the youngest 200-hour-certified yoga instructors. She believes in using the power of yoga and mindfulness to create positive change in the world. By setting an intention, or a simple, clear goal, at the start of each practice, you can do the same.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need to get started with Asatryan’s morning flow:

  • Be sure to hydrate well.
  • Wear something comfortable.
  • Find a quiet place to practice at home – or outdoors – on a flat, smooth surface.
  • Silence your phone. Better yet, place it out of reach for the next few minutes.
  • Roll out your mat – here’s how to choose the right mat for you.

This morning routine includes traditional sun salutations, as well as a sequence of flowing Warrior poses, lunges and twists. As you move through the poses, breathe deeply. Hold each pose for a few breaths and listen to what feels right for your body. You may want to go through this flow multiple times (making sure to do both sides), perhaps practicing up to 10 minutes, taking plenty of rest between each flow in Child’s Pose.

Remember: everyone, no matter their skill level, every yoga practitioner stumbles from time to time. That’s what makes it fun, though — seeing a bit of progress and self-growth every time you step on the mat.

The journey is the joyful part — and taking part in it with family or loved ones makes it even better.

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