Stocking Stuffers for Yogis

Help your favorite yogi settle into a satisfying Savasana with these yoga gift ideas.

Are you twisting yourself in knots trying to figure out what to buy for the yogi in your life? You can now calm your mind as this Pro Tips stocking stuffers guide is here to be your guru to finding the perfect gifts for yoga lovers.


Help your yogi feel stylish and comfortable in the studio with the aid of some yoga apparel. Lightweight and foldable, apparel can slide into a stocking as easily as a yogi can slide into their favorite pose. A gift of apparel offers the added benefit of being functional enough for walks through trails or stores. Consider pieces like bras, shirts, pants and shorts.

Yoga bras and shirts allow for fashion statements as they keep yogis cool, comfortable and supported. In general, low-impact sports bras are recommended for yoga, but a more detailed guide to finding the right sports bra can be found here.

Whether they are basic or trendy, yoga pants have become a staple in more than just the studio making them a gift with year-round potential. The right style of yoga pant depends on the type of workout your yogi enjoys doing. Those who prefer low-intensity workouts may look for a looser fit while those who enjoy high-intensity sessions may be interested in the support of a compression-style pant.

Similarly, yoga shorts come in a variety of styles. Mid-rise shorts provide additional compression while low-rise offer the potential for maximum movement. Shorts with adjustable side seams allow for repositioning to accommodate a variety of poses.


This winter may also be the perfect time to stock your yogi up on headbands, socks, gloves and leg warmers — and not just for the cold weather. These popular yoga accessories are perfect small items for stuffing over the fireplace. Headbands can keep loose strands of hair in place to help ensure that breaking a sweat doesn’t result in breaking concentration. Also, grippy gloves and socks may not be ideal for a snowball fight in the cold, but they are ideal for aiding your yogi with balance and stability.

Yoga props like stretching straps and yoga blocks are a great way to show your yogi you’re thinking of them while also helping them improve. Yoga blocks and straps can help provide comfort and support for more balanced poses. A small notebook could be a nice gift to write down intentions, mediations or notes of gratitude. And for those days when it’s too cold to make it to the studio, a home workout DVD may be the perfect gift and the perfect snow day solution. Check out the full list of yoga stocking stuffers below for the ultimate holiday gift guide.

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